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So, who am I?
I have worked in the care industry since 1991. I began my career caring for the elderly, which i continued to do for fifteen years, during which time I witnessed many changes in the care profession. During this time, I was given the opportunity to complete my NVQ's first at level 2 and then level 3. I remember finding it difficult to fit in study with work and family commitments. Also it had been some years since I had studied and I found I lacked confidence in my abilities. This lack of confidence also meant I did not like to keep asking my assessor questions. Eventually, after completing the NVQ's I had regained my confidence and felt I would like to train as an assessor and try to help other carers, who were in the same position as I had been.I completed my A1 award whilst still working as a carer and after qualifying I became a full time assessor. I then continued with my qualifications and completed a PTTLS award to become a qualified adult tutor. After more than 20 years in care I am now an assessor/tutor in Health & social care.I can still remember how daunting completing my first NVQ was. Hopefully, by using these answers as guidance you won't struggle as i did through my award.
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